One can only stand amazed at man’s accomplishments in the last 100 years. I’ve often wondered what Edison, the Wright brothers or Henry Ford would think if they could come back and observe the evolution of their inventions. We’d have to make sure Edison came back during the Christmas Season, the Wright brothers took a transpacific flight from Los Angeles to Australia and Henry Ford got to drive from Boston to San Diego in a new Cadillac with every high tech option available. Would they ever be able to comprehend the changes and impact their simple forerunning design has made on our world? How much more awestruck would they be if you told them men had walked on the moon and spacecrafts have landed on mars. God certainly wasn’t exaggerating when He foretold that knowledge would increase in the last days.

In spite of all man’s ability to calculate space and relativity, doesn’t it seem a bit strange that not one government in the world today was able to count to 1,000? "Oh no!" you may be saying, "Not another on who is on the "this is not the New Millennium soapbox! What does it matter?" I ask you to PLEASE read to the bottom line and see if maybe this whole Y2K upheaval and New Millennium fabrication has more relevance than we’d like to believe.


The easiest way to answer that questions is to list the following GOVERNMENTAL web sites. These are not web pages created by fanatic individuals looking to strain gnats and swallow camels. They are government-sanctioned timekeepers and agencies. When do they declare the new Millennium and the 21st Century will begin?






It is quite obvious that the new millennium and the 21st Century will begin on January 1, 2001. Then why all the New Year’s Eve hoopla? Why did new Zealand, Australia, France, England, America and many more nations and cities compete for the most extravagant display to welcome in what they knew positively was a false millennium? Why INDEED!


Many would reason by now that it’s totally unnecessary to explain the cause and symptoms of this mechanical malady. Please bear with me while I place this pesky little cell mutation under a high-powered microscope one more time.


  Memory loss of time-critical & factual information
  Inability to discern the correct time
  Loss of reason – inability to formulate truthful and accurate facts from previously inputted information
  Unable to face the future
  Only able to deal with non-crucial issues that don’t need factual information
   Thought and reasoning process regresses into the past


Infected with a faulty RTC.

Many of you already know what an RTC is, but for those who paid for your computer’s check and treatment without asking questions, RTC stands for Real Time Clock. There are basically 2 timekeepers in a computer. Once clock is set to run the Windows operating system, an easy fix with a couple clicks of the mouse. The problem with this quick fix is that it accomplishes about the same thing as an aspirin for pain. It may relieve the symptom for the moment, but the problem is far from being solved. Sooner or later the unseen internal defect will infect the system leaving it in a critical condition while spreading its dis-ease to the person in direct contact with it. This dis-ease is highly contagious to anyone who is close to the infected person.

The real affliction lies in the heart of the computer’s make-up. The internal RTC in its processor must be able to discern time accurately for any crucial financial data or date-critical computations. With the wrong RTC you may still be able to enjoy your imaginary space quests, zapping any aliens that enters your artificial galaxy, but won’t be able to obtain A financial report with any accuracy. Ask for a total of any deductions made in your bank account from January 1st to January 15th, 2000 and watch it question your sanity. "The year 2000, how can that be. Why, it’s only 1900. You’ve got zero, zilch, nada in your bank account buddy!"

And so, nearing the flip of the last page of our 1999 calendar, we scrambled for our reality check. For some the diagnosis was rather painless and the Y2K bug was cured quicker and cheaper than the common cold. For others, the prognosis was more serious and the cost more substantial. Truth of the matter is that after purchasing a new computer two days before January 1, 2000 because my old one was not Y2K compatible, I discovered that my old machine computed just fine. The only glitch was that it would only print out the year as 00 and not 2000.

In the midst of all the chaos that had the world wondering if the proverbial sky was falling, a diversion was planned. The following is a quote from a speech made in British Parliament questioning the reasoning for England’s elaborate celebration of a "New Millennium" in the wrong year. (Following emphasis is mine)

Lord Tanlaw rose to as Lord Tanlaw rose to ask Her Majesty's Government what is their response to the claim made by the National Physical Laboratory, the British Horological Federation and the National Mapping Agency of Great Britain that the third millennium is to be celebrated at Greenwich on the wrong meridian with the wrong time-scale and in the wrong year of the second millennium.

4 Mar 1998 : Column 1281

The noble Lord said: My Lords, I am most grateful to the House for allowing me to bring before it once again some of the complexities of time, perhaps to make the public more aware of just how complex they are and also perhaps to give an opportunity to the Government to correct them before the millennium starts.

I must make clear at the outset that this Question has not been raised as an indirect means of criticising the Dome at Greenwich, its costs or its contents. I see the Government's objective regarding the Dome as a genuine attempt to divert, satisfy and educate the general public in the year of the millennium--a goal which I heartily support.

Am I not correct in saying that it follows a long tradition in populist government, which was commented on as long as 2,000 years ago by the Roman poet Decimus Juvenal? Did he not use the immortal phrase, pane et circenses to describe bread and games of the circus with which the Caesars used to divert the people from the anxieties of everyday life?

I believe that the Dome is something along the same lines. As I say, I support it but with two possible provisos to this approach. By all means let the Government help us enjoy the occasion to the fullest, but does a government of today, in order to remain popular, have to feed the people with scientific facts, as they are perceived, rather than with the scientific truth? I believe that the majority of noble Lords are aware that the sun is perceived to revolve around the Earth. The scientific truth is otherwise, as we all know. Galileo Galilei in 1633 risked his life and virtually lost his reputation by making the public statement,

"And yet the Earth moves".

Did you notice the use of the word "divert"? Check it out in the dictionary. It means to distract. If I were paraphrasing the aforementioned speech, it would read something like, "Lets just keep the people happy by distracting their attention from what is really true and factual." What’s a few lies and deception as long as the general population is given a feeling of euphoria?

But why would governments feel it necessary to distract the public. What’s at the base of all this illusion? Let’s continue to read on in the British oration.

Meanwhile, there is another problem, of how best to maximise the national income from the promotion of these celebrations. How can this be achieved successfully if Britain remains outside the European time zone?

MONEY!!! Surely it is the root of all evil! Once again, if I were paraphrasing this mess it would say something to the order of, "If we do this right and get the world to believe our fabrication, we should be rolling in the dough before the public is able to clean up the mess this world-wide party leaves behind." The streets of every major city were filled with debris come the morning of January 1, 2000, while every national treasury filled their pockets. All the result of a world celebration from a man-made, world-government concocted fabrication. Once again we have to ask the questions, "Why?"