A Memorable Message In a Boxx

   Recently I was glancing through some of our old issues of The Carpenter’s Shop. Our Christmas issue of 1982 had some articles we’d forgotten about. They really ministered to us as we read them through like we'd never seen them before. The following article was one of those ministry messages.


    Before Christmas I had been working diligently to make some gifts for some special friends. On Christmas Eve my family and I were going to our Christmas service and I wanted to drop off their gift. Those who know me well know that I’m always looking for extraordinary ways to do ordinary things. I decided that we would stop by late at night on our way home and put their gift in their mailbox. On Christmas morning, when I was sure they had opened all their gifts, I would call and wish them a Merry Christmas just like we’ve always done, (either we call them or they call us depending on who gets to it first) and ask if they’d looked in their mailbox. Once I had the plan, I had to get everything prepared just right. I needed just the right box to put the gift in, so I began to search the house. I hunted high and low, but every box was either to big or too small. After ceaselessly seeking, I began to realize just how important having the right box was to me. I said, "Lord, please help me find the perfect box." Just a few minutes later, there it was! Two years earlier we’d had received a gift from these same friends. Previously they’d filled it with contents of love and appreciation and now it was about to be sent on another mission. Immediately, the little box became very precious and valuable to me.

As I pondered these things, the Spirit of God began to stir within me and I wanted to somehow express to my friends how special this little box was. It was not just any old box, it was cherished because it was on a mission of love and that made it valuable. I began to write a poem about the precious parcel and placed it in with gift. The little box has an enduring message. I’d like to share it with you.

A Mission of Love

By Shirley Carpenter


For years I’d only sat in the drawer.
It was boring and quite ho-hum.
Often I’d wonder what good am I,
Would reason to my being ever come?
But on Christmas Eve morn I awoke with a shake.
As the drawer was pulled open, I started to quake.
I heard her voice say, "This one will do.
Come on little box, I’ve a job for you."
For a moment I thought I would just flip my lid.
Could this really be happening to me?
It had been so long since I’d felt any worth,
Yet some good now she sees in me.
With warm loving hands and a smile on her face,
The contents of love were put in their place.
And where do you think the gift of love
Was hidden that it may bring joy?
It was carefully placed deep in my heart,
Secure from what would destroy.
I was stunningly dressed in a cheerful white suit,
I even had on a bow tie.
Finally a mission that would bring love and joy.
I was so excited that I started to cry.
It was almost midnight when I was driven across town,
Or at least that’s what it seemed to me.
Then all of a sudden I was in some strange place.
I wondered, "Oh, where can I be!?"
Then I realized that this mailbox
Was the place that I was to wait
For morning to come and calls to be made,
I sure hope they don’t sleep in late!
But no one was stirring in either of the houses,
Not Shari, not Ross, not any of them louses!
I began to think that no one would come,
My mission was all in vain.
My whole being had been filled with a gift of love;
Not giving it brought me such pain.
Then all of a sudden a burst of daylight flooded the place where I sat.
With trembling hands, I was snatched from the cold,
And brought into the house, I mean STAT!
Oh what excitement there seemed to be,
As their faces around me all glowed.
I knew I’d brought happiness into their lives,
In their countenance it really showed.
And then my heart’s treasure was quickly revealed.
I could see that my mission was done.
The love gift poured out had brought joy to their souls,
And caused friends to rejoice in God’s Son.
For you see, they knew it was because of Him
I had been sent to them that day,
For He is the One who fills hearts full of love,
And causes us to give it away.
I’ve learned valuable things in these past special days,
One lesson will continue to grow:
When love fills your heart and you give it away,
It’s the greatest mission a being can know.